Saturday, 10 December 2011

DJ Schmeggles

DJ Schmeggles
Originally uploaded by Martin Koss

DJ Schmeggles

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pole Dancin' Squirrel

Pole Dancin' Squirrel
Originally uploaded by Martin Koss

I hadn't added anything here for a while so... Hope you enjoy.

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He Won't Find Me Up Here!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Wedding Disco

I just found this pic of a wedding disco on my old mobile phone. To see more disco photos, I just set-up a gallery on Flickr enjoy.
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Friday, 23 October 2009

Halloween Disco in Louth

I suppose it was inevitable... Eventually, usually once a year, I get a cancelled booking. It usually happens if a wedding is cancelled or a venue changes management. But this time it was due to poor ticket sales for a charity function.

Oh well, that's me twiddling my thumbs next Saturday night when I should be out there be the DJ for a Halloween Disco.

So, if anyone is looking for a last minute DJ for a Halloween Disco in Louth, feel free to give me a call on 0800 448 8868 or 07962 385045.

Louth, Lincolnshire Mobile Disco

Louth Needs a Kick in the Wotsit

Louth is a great little town in the middle of a massive array of villages but, while we all want it to remain a lovely small 'market town' with all it's traditions, it sometimes needs a bit of a kick in the rear (my opinion of course).

We all go on about the retail sector in Louth and wonder why so many of use pop over to Grimsby or Lincoln for our big weekly shop or to buy the latest gadget... Well, is it any wonder when most of the best shops we used to love in Louth are closed down and the 'super' markets that we do have in Louth are little more than a glorified Spar.
Remember when you used to be able to buy music in Louth? Remember Currys? Remember Woolies? The Bakers Oven? The Handyman? Many more I could list...

What amazes me though, is that all this shouting about super markets but I didn't hear much shouting when Halfords moved to Louth and provided an easy accessible alternative to AutoMate? Will we get the same level of service that AutoMate has provided Louth petrolheads for decades? Unlikely... But, Like Focus DIY, they sit prominently on the industrial estate - eliminating the need to find somewhere to park in town.

Then there's the swimming pool situation. So there's a new sports centre being built up at the far end of town... The plan is to close the centrally located swimming pool - why? Because it's old? Because it's not as posh as the new one? It's easily accessible by a lot of kids from the other end of town - do we really want our kids having to walk or bike to the other end of town when they could walk to a more conveniently located location?

Louth is a great place but (again, this is my opinion) it's no surprise that the centre of town is full of little more than endless struggling pubs and kids hanging around the chippies because there still, after all the years of campaigning, have little to do. It's also full of a lot of people preventing progress. I agree, little old Louth does not need a ginormous Tesco but a Maccy Ds would be nice...

How many kids like a happy meal once in a while but where do we go... Yep. We tootle off to Grimsby to combine a look around the shops and to treat the kids to a happy meal.

Shop local: Louth, Lincolnshire

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Starfly Disco - Wedding DJ

STARFLY DISCO BLOG: Wedding at Louth Town Hall

Wedding at Louth Town Hall

Fantastic wedding in September at Louth Town Hall for Rachel and Guy.
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Another fantastic wedding at Louth Town Hall. This time it was Rachel and Guy Robinson - a gorgeous bride and groom (as you can see in the photo above - radiant on their special day). Fantastic day for a great couple. Brilliant venue. Catering was by Alvingham Catering (and it was perfect as always) and the evening Disco was provided by Louth Mobile Disco, Starfly Disco and Karaoke.

Commenst about the disco: "The initial face-to-face meeting was excellent at a time when so much is being done by phone and email. The service was professional and impeccable throughout. We would gladly (and will be) recommending you to family and friends for any future events. The entertainment is what made the evening and we have received lots of excellent comments about how good it was.

Thanks again for making it a brilliant evening"